Migatronic Laspost

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Migatronic Laspost

Ongelezen bericht door Luc » ma 25 feb, 2013 20:52

Nu op voorraad, de nieuwe Migatronic
RallyMIG 161i
MIG/MAG, MMA, TIG – All in one
The RallyMIG 161i is a handy, portable and versatile welding machine. The RallyMIG 161i is designed as a compact multiprocess machine, primarily for MIG welding but also for the MMA welding process; a modern mono-phase 230 V inverter machine suitable for workshop use and site welding operations.

Synergic MIG welding
Once you have chosen the MIG process on the digital control panel and entered your wire/gas combination, the RallyMIG 161i is ready to weld; just switch on, press and weld. Synergic MIG means that welding parameters can be set by means of only one control knob or a torch control unit (optional feature) on the ergonomic torch handle with a 360 degree turnable swan neck, for better comfort and reduced risk of errors.
Whether pure CO2 or Argon is required as shielding gas for the process, using 5 kg wire for either welding or MIG brazing, there is a program that suits your welding assignments
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